Poll Results – How Much is Too Much?

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Our last poll on this website asked you what engine displacement is too large for a sport Utility ATV. Out of 619 participants, the results were as follows:

36.03% – No limits (223 votes)
25.53%% – 1000cc (158 votes)
16.96% – More than 1000cc (105 votes)
12.44% – 800cc (77 votes)
09.05% – 700cc (56 votes)

Note that out of the particiapants involved in this poll, 36% feel ATV power should not be limited at all. However, 43% feel that 1000cc’s or higher is too much displacement for a Sport utility ATV.

Find out what our crew thought of Bombardier’s 800 Outlander as it is put head to head against 5 other Big Bore’s in the current issue of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine available now!

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to cast your vote in our latest poll!

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