Pushing Snow

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If you live where it snows and own an ATV, you need to hear this: Your ATV can push snow. Lots of it.

For some ATV owners, the concept of adding a plow is a no-brainer. Thousands have been using quads for snow removal chores for years. That’s fine, but many don’t realize what a capable snow plowing tool their trusty 4-wheeler can be.

Polaris Glacier Plow

Here’s why the Glacier is a winner. Once the mount plate is bolted under the engine (essentially a summer skid plate when not using the plow) and a winch is installed, the Glacier can be hooked or unhooked in less than five seconds. Yes, five seconds. The Glacier kit is tough, durable and offers an adjustable angling feature as well as spring loaded trippers for encounters with immoveable objects.

BRP Angler Plow Kit

This kit uses a more common frame mounting system which, under most circumstances, means you’ll want to leave the plow on the ATV for the season. Sure, the blade can be dropped off and the bracketry can stay put for the summer but blade removal requires time.

The very best feature of the Bombardier kit is the driver operated power angler. When we say “power” we mean your muscle power. Nonetheless, having the ability to swing the blade left and right – without dismounting – is critical to efficient and successful plowing. Few plows offer this feature and once you’ve used it, you’ll never want to jump off your ATV to swing a plow manually again.

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