Safety is the Parent’s Responsibility

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By: Motorhead Mark Lester

I’ve been around long enough to know the news coverage this sport gets is exactly what it deserves. I’m ashamed to report that some kids continue to be allowed to use adult ATVs and some are still riding unsupervised and often, helmetless. Accidents are inescapable realities under these conditions.

In case you think this is idle talk, let me underscore this: If you’re allowing your kids to ride without helmets, if they are unsupervised on your adult ATV, the question is not if, but rather, when an accident will occur.

For the most part, readers of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine and those who have a real interest in the sport and its future know better than to commit those three parental no-nos.

However, there are way too many adults who, by their profound acts of negligence and irresponsibility, allow their kids to be needlessly injured or killed. In case you’re missing my point, it’s adults who are to blame for kids being injured.

Kids require supervision, training, safety equipment and proper sized ATVs to have a safe experience. That’s why I’m saying even a small move toward helmet compliance for both kids and adults will have a huge effect on safety. It alone will save lives, prevent injuries and keep us off the news.

Here’s how it starts: If you’re even thinking about moving your ATV and your kids are watching, slip on your lid. “Do as I say, not as I do” never works with kids. Children will always “do as you do”. If they think helmet use is important for you, they’ll think it’s important for them too.

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