Sparks Modular Exhaust Tip

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Sparks Racing is excited to announce the development of a new modular muffler tip design for all Sparks Racing exhaust systems. The new design brings together the best of both worlds: the type of high performance that has made Sparks Racing famous on racetracks worldwide, and, with the use of optional exhaust tip components, power that’s quiet and legal for use on public lands.

In a matter of moments the muffler can be transformed from a fire-breathing, national-caliber race exhaust to a system with a sound level that’s much more acceptable, as well as Forestry-approved, for recreational use. The quick and easy installation of the optional Quiet Modular Insert reduces noise, while the optional Sparks Arrestor Insert reduces fire danger.

Now, with the use of these optional parts, this new Sparks Racing exhaust system is able to meet the needs of any ATV enthusiast.
This design also makes it much more convenient to repack the muffler on a regular basis, which helps maintain optimum power and noise levels.

This new modular muffler tip design now comes standard on all Sparks Racing exhaust systems:
For more information, visit Curtis Sparks Racing at

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