Introducing Interactive Trailer Configurator

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Our new tool makes ordering a snowmobile tie down system easy and intuitive.


Build your trailer right here:


– Enhanced traction for snowmobile tracks on all trailering surfaces
– Enhanced traction for tires on atv’s/utv’s and dirt bikes
– Made from highly durable composite material
– 6 per kit, 15″ (38cm) long, .875″ (2.25cm) tall


I’ve decided I’ll never get down to my original weight and I’m okay with that… After all, 6 lbs 3 oz is just not realistic.


As the winter season comes to a close it is once again time to stow away our winter sleds in favour of summer wheels. But just as important as caring for and securing our snowmobile for its summer hibernation, we must not neglect some simple care instructions for our other important winter accessories, like our Superclamp Front and Rear Tiedowns!

Yes, they are tough. And yes, they are built to last. But, after a long, hard winter of holding firmly to your most prized winter asset, they, too, deserve and require a little TLC. Here’s some simple tips to help ensure your Superclamps can do their job just as well next year as they did this year:

1. Superclamp (with Chain Style Assist) – Clean and generously oil the chain and lubricate the threads of the centre adjustment knob where the J-hook is.
2. Superclamp (with Cam Lever Assist) – Remove dust cap, clean, and replace. Lubricate the threads of the centre adjustment knob where the J-hook his.
3. Superclamps should be cleaned of any debris and excess moisture and stored in a dry place.

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