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While Suzuki racers Josh Creamer and Dustin Wimmer were competing for the AMA Pro ATV championship, Suzuki amateur racers were battling in the Tennessee mud for championships of their own.

Their efforts paid off, as these dedicated individuals took home 20 podium positions for Suzuki, including seven overall wins, six second-place finishes, and seven third-place finishes.

Suzuki riders also double podiumed in the Pro-Am Unlimited, 4-Stroke B, 4-Stroke C and College (16-24) classes, and completely swept the podium in the Veteran 30+ C and Schoolboy Sr. (14-17) classes.

Suzuki would like to congratulate each of the following riders on their achievements:

• Jeffrey Rastrelli – 1st place Pro-Am Production, 3rd place Pro-Am Unlimited
• Brandon Ruggiero – 1st place Open C
• Ryan Wheeler – 1st place 4-Stroke C
• Corey Snapp – 1st place Production A
• Cale Downen – 1st place College (16-24)
• Bryan Williams – 1st place Veteran 30+ C
• Cole Medlin – 1st place Schoolboy Sr. (14-17)
• Chase Snapp – 2nd place Pro Am Unlimited
• Alan Molony – 2nd place Open B
• Josh Williams – 2nd place 4-Stroke B
• Stevie Lloyd Jr. – 2nd place 4-Stroke C
• Josh Robinson – 2nd place Veteran 30+ C
• Brian Kinczfogel – 2nd place Schoolboy Sr. (14-17)
• Tyler Pittman – 3rd place 450 C
• TC Nales – 3rd place Open A
• Jacob McGraw – 3rd place 4-Stroke B
• Brian Johnson – 3rd place College (16-24)
• Robert Singleton – 3rd place Veteran 30+ C
• Dominic Moore – 3rd place Schoolboy Sr. (14-17)

Suzuki has been the dominant name in ATV racing for years, and racers like these, combined with the stellar performance of Suzuki racing machines, are the reason for that reputation. Congratulations to all Suzuki riders on a spectacular 2010 season!

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