Suzuki’s 2010 ATV Championship Year in Review

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After an incredible 2010 AMA ATV Motocross season, Rockstar Makita Suzuki couldn’t be more proud of Josh Creamer’s and Dustin Wimmer’s accomplishments throughout the season. Both Creamer and Wimmer were focused on one goal during the 11 rounds of ATV racing: Winning. Creamer earned his first-ever AMA ATV Motocross Championship in his first year riding the championship-winning Suzuki QuadRacer R450, and teammate Dustin Wimmer, the two-time Champion, followed him to the podium to take second overall.  With a 1-2 punch, there’s no doubt that the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team is at the top of their game, and the Suzuki QuadRacer R450 has now taken home the big trophy three years in a row.

The season started out in Alabama in March, with Round 1 at Pell City. In his debut aboard the yellow QuadRacer R450, Josh Creamer was determined to prove that he had the speed and the talent to put himself at the front of the pack. He did just that by taking both holeshots for the day, but it was his teammate Wimmer who came out victorious with 1-1 moto finishes. It looked like the defending champ wasn’t going to let his new teammate get to the top so easily, and Wimmer took the immediate lead in the points chase. Creamer finished third overall but was positive he could do better in the next round.

Round 2 took place in Bowling Green, Kentucky, at Ballance MotoX on April 18th, and the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team came prepared to rule the track. Creamer took his QuadRacer R450 to the overall victory with his 2-1 moto finishes, and clinched the holeshot in the second moto. Wimmer took second overall for the day, and things started to fall into place for the two Rockstar Makita Suzuki racers to be on the podium a whole lot throughout the series. Wimmer was still in the points lead at this time, but Creamer was closing in.

The circuit made its third stop at the Birch Creek event in Danville, Virginia, on May 2. Josh Creamer enjoyed winning in Kentucky so much he decided to make it two in a row. Wimmer won the first moto and got the holeshot in the second, but Creamer came out victorious with his 2-1 moto finishes. Creamer edged out Wimmer for the lead in the championship points race at Round 3, and one of the Rockstar Makita Suzuki racers was on the top of the podium at every race so far in the young season, setting it up to be another great year for the team.

Sunset Ridge MX in Walnut, Illinois, was fourth on the list for the circuit in 2010, and it marked the fourth time in as many races that both of the Rockstar Makita Suzuki racers were on the podium at the end of the day. Wimmer took second overall with his 3-1 moto finishes, and Creamer followed taking third for the day by finishing 2-5. Even though they didn’t win the race, both riders put more distance between themselves and the rest of the field in the series points chase. Wimmer regained the lead with 174 points, but Creamer was not far behind with a total of 169.

Round 5 of the AMA ATV Motocross series took place at Steel City Raceway in Delmont, PA. Creamer was in the groove of his QuadRacer R450, and even though it was his first year competing aboard it, he looked smooth, confident, and very comfortable as he rode faster than everyone else. Creamer took the overall with his 1-1 finishes for the day and regained the championship points lead from Wimmer. Wimmer went 3-2 for second overall, making it yet another double podium finish for the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team. It started to look like all the other competitors were going to have a really tough time reining in the duo of Creamer and Wimmer, who were both hungry for the 2010 championship.

Creamer wanted to stretch his lead in the series even further, and he did just that in Millville, MN, for Round 6 of the series. With his perfect finishes in both races, Creamer took his fourth overall win of the season. Creamer not only won both motos, but he led the first race from holeshot to checkered flag. He took the second holeshot, as well, and although another racer challenged him for the lead, Creamer had no problem using the power of this QuadRacer R450 to take him across the finish line first. Meanwhile, Wimmer finished 3-4 for the day and just missed the podium with his fourth-place overall finish.

Muddy Creek in Blountville, TN, hosted Round 7 of the ATV MX series, and true to form, Josh Creamer took the overall victory again. Making it his third overall win in a row, and five wins out of seven races, Creamer was really showing the ATV racing community that he was the man to beat in 2010 aboard his Rockstar Makita Suzuki QuadRacer R450. Creamer took second in both motos, while Dustin Wimmer won the second moto after having a rough go in the first race and finishing seventh. With Creamer taking the overall and Wimmer rounding off the podium in third place, the team was pulling away from the rest of the competition in the race to the championship.  “I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull off being so successful in my first year on the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team, but I was hoping this is how it would go,” Creamer said. “The QuadRacer R450 is great and it’s no wonder this bike has multiple championships already. As long as the rider puts in the work, the machine is dialed in and ready to race.”

Pleasure Valley Raceway, in Armagh, PA, was the site for Round 8, and Creamer and Wimmer were starting to see the championship picture develop in front of them. With smart racing and the unstoppable QuadRacer R450, both racers knew that the key to locking down the championship would be smooth and consistent performances. Creamer ended up in fourth in the first moto, but he came back with a vengeance in moto 2, taking the win. Wimmer fared better in moto 1, finishing second, but fell back to fifth in moto 2. Creamer ended the day in second overall, while Wimmer just missed getting on the podium with his fourth-place overall finish. Both riders continued to gain points toward the championship, with Creamer still leading.

Creamer’s sixth overall victory for the 2010 season came at the legendary Unadilla track in New Berlin, NY, on July 18th. “I couldn’t ask for anything more from my quad or my team,” Creamer said. “I just want to keep this momentum going and finish off the season on top!” Creamer stretched his lead to 30 points with his 3-1 finishes for the day, and teammate Wimmer followed in second overall making it another 1-2 podium finish for Rockstar Makita Suzuki. Wimmer took both holeshots and was happy to be back in the groove with his 2-4 moto scores. “The QuadRacer R450 worked out really well and overall it handled good throughout the track!” said Wimmer. “I got two good holeshots and the first race went pretty well. I came out second, but couldn’t make up any ground and stayed there the whole moto. In the second moto, I ended up fourth. It was pretty hard to pass and the track was rough, but overall, the race went well.”

With the season winding down, the series moved to Red Bud in Buchanan, Michigan, at the end of July. Josh Creamer increased his point lead to 40 with his second-place overall finish. He took second in both motos, but also nabbed the holeshot in moto 2. “I ended up getting into second place and hung out there because I didn’t want to risk anything so close to the end of the season, especially leading the series,” Creamer said. “I got the holeshot in the second moto and led, but then got passed and I didn’t want to push it so I finished in second again. My Suzuki QuadRacer R450 worked awesome, and overall it was a good weekend.” Wimmer finished the day with 5-4 moto scores for fourth overall. Creamer was pretty much locked in to win the championship, but there was still Loretta’s to contend with, which is a notoriously demanding race on both racer and machine.

August 15th at Loretta Lynn’s wasn’t an easy day, with rain and stifling humidity, but it was the scene for the finale in a great series. The Tennessee crowd braved the weather to watch a shortened rage program of one final moto to cap off the season. With Creamer 40 points ahead, he went into the race knowing that he already won his first-ever ATV championship. Creamer didn’t push too hard during the race, and after a mishap, he ended up finishing seventh. It was the first time all season he didn’t finish in the top three overall, but regardless, he was on the podium to accept his championship trophy. “I knew that once I got on this bike it was a championship winning bike,” said Creamer after the race. “The QuadRacer R450 is by far the best bike I’ve ever been on. Everything works awesomely and it handles the best. There’s a reason it’s a championship-winning bike! This title is a lifelong dream of mine, and today is a dream come true.” Dustin Wimmer felt that he had a little something to prove at the final race, and with his second-place finish in the series locked in, he rode hard at Loretta’s to finish second for the day.

The Suzuki QuadRacer has now been on top of the AMA ATV Motocross series for three years running, and with Creamer and Wimmer aboard, it was tough to beat the power and performance. Suzuki also secured the Manufacturer’s Cup by earning the most points out of any manufacturer, and as Suzuki celebrates its 50th year of Racing in 2010, it was a fitting way to end the ATV series. Suzuki captured the podium at every race this season, winning a total of seven overalls from 11 events, with a total of 13 out of a possible 21 moto wins. Congratulations to both Josh Creamer and Dustin Wimmer on an exceptional 2010!

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