Talon Service Checklist

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Carter Brothers reminds Talon owners to review your service checklist to ensure continued happy riding. See checklist below:

Air Filter – Remove filter from the air box, inspect the center.
Oil Change – Talon 150s use 30 oz of 10W 40 oil.
Tighten ALL Fasteners – Loose bolts & nuts are a common problem, remember to tighten on a regular basis.
Pre-Air Filter – This is a must! Keeps the Talon’s air filter in the best possible condition.
Valve Adjustment – Valves should be gauged at 0.10 MM.
Reverse Cable – Check for 1/2 inch of slack at the rear of the shifter.

Call Carter for more details:
USA – 1.800.523.5278
Canada – 1.877.882.3774

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