The King Has New Clothes!

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Here’s what you need to know about the King Quad. When you straddle the King, between your legs will be a twin cam, 4-valve, fuel injected, counterbalanced hot rod of an engine. Let’s not mince words here. This thing rips, shreds and throws terra-firma.

True, there’s no replacement for displacement and the King’s juice can sized piston spins out an urgent, immediate gush of power as soon as the CVT bites Kevlar. This immediacy is followed by an arm stretching pull to 60 MPH. We can legitimately liken the 700’s acceleration to a mid-size street motorcycle. Really.

Suzuki has designed and equipped it with an all-new, second generation independent rear suspension (IRS). This setup uses a single upper locating arm and a lower wishbone with a fully active anti-sway bar and coil over, preload adjustable shocks. Up front the King Quad uses double A-arms with coil over, preload adjustable shocks.

At this writing we think Suzuki may have aced the Big Bore class with the new King Quad 700 EFI. This all-new entry into the sport’s fastest growing, premium priced category requires every potential buyer in this segment to visit their Suzuki store and give the new King Quad a serious look-see.

The overriding principle here appears to be this: the King Quad wasn’t built to simply meet the competition. In virtually every area of its design and execution, it’s clear Suzuki was intent on beating the current standards set by the other players in the Big Bore Sport Utility Class.

Right now, from our perspective, it looks like they’ve accomplished that goal.

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