This is what it takes to become a Can-Am champion

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If you want to know how much the sport has changed, ask its champions—or three of them. Sharing the top of the leaderboard with unprecedented success in wins and championships since 2011, Cody and Hunter Miller and Kyle Chaney helped to make the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) one of the most competitive side-by-side series ever. Regrets? Only one.

“My only regret is that we didn’t start racing it sooner—I wish I’d started 10 years ago,” Hunter Miller says. Despite the lower speeds early on, their Can-Am race cars had an edge on the competition.

“The first time we got into side-by-sides, my brother and I got X package Commanders, we just thought, ‘Wow, this is the next craziest thing’… We’d never been in anything like it,” Cody Miller says. “Right out of the bag, Hunter and I went out there and got first and second.”

Since then, the series has evolved into a much more competitive one: they all say a new Maverick X3 has pretty much just its tires in common with what they would have raced at the beginning.

“The Maverick X3 is just tough, you can run them as hard as you can drive them,” Chaney says.

As the GNCC series wraps up its final year in 2018 with Hunter Miller crowned champion and Kyle Chaney runner-up, they’re looking forward to racing throughout the U.S. for Can-Am in 2019.

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