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2008 marks the 25th anniversary of the first four-wheel ATV – the Suzuki QuadRunner 125.

A lot has changed since 1983 and the two new 2008 Sport Utility ATVs reflect the dedication, commitment and evolution that have become Suzuki’s hallmark.

KingQuad 400 Series 4×4 – All New Quad!

The 2008 KingQuad 400 series replaces the award-winning Eiger line. With impressive new styling and better comfort and convenience features, the new KingQuad 400 is clearly a member of the KingQuad family.

New styling features include a T-shaped seat, a new gate-type shift lever, a larger fuel tank, newly designed Maxxis tires and signature KingQuad headlights.
The KingQuad 400 is available in both a semi-automatic five speed (400FS) as well as a fully automatic transmission (400AS) version. The 400AS also features an advanced engine braking system for superior control.

Need more storage? Durable cargo racks are on the front and rear to provide plenty of places to put cargo boxes or bags. An additional four liters of storage space can also be found under the seat. Winch mounting is now a snap with a wiring conduit already installed and mounting space for a solenoid.

The new KingQuad 400 is available in green, red and Real Tree Hardwoods HD® camouflage. MSRP is $5,249 for the 400FS and $5399 for the 400AS. The camo versions are $300 additional.

KingQuad 750AXi 4×4 – Built on Tradition

Building on the award-winning success of the KingQuad 700, the 750 takes the next step in the KingQuad evolution. The AXi explains how the new quad delivers on the KingQuad name. The “A” is for Suzuki’s QuadMatic automatic continuously variable transmission. The “X” is for the fully independent front and rear suspension. The “I” is for the fuel injection system.

The KingQuad’s independent suspension system offers a smoother ride, better stability and performance. The independently adjustable A-arms can be adjusted five ways offering maximum performance while hauling a load and allow for greater wheel travel. In addition to this, the damper’s spring rates have been updated from the 2007 model, giving the 2008 KingQuad better drivability.

One of the best features of the KingQuad 750AXi is the QuadMatic transmission and torque-sensing limited-slip front differential combination. An advanced braking system controls vehicle speed in descent minimizing freewheeling. The torque-sensing front differential can be set in three different drive modes – two-wheel, four-wheel and differential-locked four-wheel drive – all with a simple handlebar-mounted push button.

The 2008 fuel injected KingQuad 750 AXi also sports a larger cylinder that will deliver even stronger power and torque throughout the power curve. The new quad has increased the rpm limit to 7000 rpm for even more power in low-traction conditions. In order to handle all this extra power and torque, several essential components around the driveshaft have also been beefed up.

The 750 AXi is available in the United States in green, red and is available in Advantage® Max-4 HDT camouflage. It is also available in a Special Edition package that includes stylish brushed black bodywork and distinctive silver racks. MSRP is $7,599 for the 750 AXi and $7,699 for the Special Edition and $7,899 for the camo.

KingQuad 450 AXi – Some Changes for ’08

The highly successful KingQuad 450 returns with only a few changes for 2008. As with its big brother the 750 this smaller AXi will have independent rear suspension for improved performance and comfort.

The 450 AXi will also be available in a Special Edition package with the brushed black bodywork and silver racks. 2008 pricing for the 450 AXi is $6,599 plus $100 additional for the Special Edition.

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