Uncorking the YF-Z

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Yup, the YF-Z is a rocket right out of the box. However, like most good things, there’s always room for improvement. Yamaha went all out with the YF-Z in terms of stock performance and parts, yet even more could be done. So out come a few GYTR goodies straight from Yamaha.

The list of upgrades includes a high flow, slip-on exhaust silencer, optional header pipe, and a jet kit. This all adds up to a freer breathing engine and mega-big improvements in both horsepower and torque.

It won’t take more than one pull of the trigger to notice what a huge difference the GYTR upgrades make on the 450. It becomes clear this engine is very corked up in stock form. Good luck trying to shift fast enough though! The extra HP and torque cause such extreme wheel spin no human can shift up before the engine hits the rev limiter.

Keep in mind; the GYTR exhaust is louder than anything we’ve ever heard and will have your neighbor out with a shotgun in a matter of seconds. We strongly suggest you keep it on the track. For sure, no one will ever be able to catch you.

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