Vee Twin Revolution

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Seems industry observers are agreeing increased demand for Big Bore engines in the Sport-Ute segment will require manufacturers not currently offering twin cylinder motors to do just that.

With the reality of a 1000cc ATV not as far fetched as it was two years ago, what is the ideal twin cylinder configuration? If twin cylinder engines needed to deliver the kind of power buyers are willing to pay for, it’s looking an awful lot like a Vee-Twin world out there.

Why is the Vee configuration so suitable for ATV power? The width necessary to accommodate CVT transmissions demands a skinny motor. The V-twin design keeps the engine as narrow as a single cylinder to squeeze the engine and a CVT between the rider’s legs.

Clearly Polaris has done an admirable job with its parallel twin but these ATVs can’t afford to get any wider. Packaging realities will likely increase the use of the venerable Vee-Twin design.

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