Warn Industries Celebrates 60 Years

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Press Release –

Clackamas, Oregon (5/30/08) – Warn Industries, the leading manufacturer of off-road accessories, industrial hoists and winches, utility products, and driveline disconnects is excited to announce its 60th anniversary!

What started in 1948 as a small, family operated business in the Pacific Northwest has turned into a multi-million dollar corporation with multiple factories, world-wide sales, and one of the most recognizable brands in the automotive aftermarket.

Warn Industries began in Seattle, WA when Arthur Warn developed a revolutionary locking hub system allowing surplus World War II Jeeps to operate in two-wheel drive for civilian use.

This invention created the hub industry and not only made the vehicles more drivable on the street but also improved fuel economy.

This development paved the way for other fuel saving ideas that are still in use today, such as center disconnects and automatic locking hubs. WARN Powertrain products are used by some of the world’s best-known automobile manufactures including Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, and others.

In 1959, WARN developed another revolutionary product; one that would transform the face of offroading as we know it: the electric winch.

Since its invention, WARN has become best known for its winches, and WARN now makes winch applications for trucks and SUVs, powersports vehicles, industrial applications, and utility purposes.

WARN winches and hoists are now sold throughout the world for both recreational and industrial applications.

Although WARN is well known for its hubs and winches, the company makes a wide variety of products for trucks, SUVs, powersports vehicles, industrial applications, and more. These products include skid plates, bumpers, fender flares, lights, ATV/UTV plows, power tools, and more.

WARN has changed tremendously in 60 years, yet the company remains true to its core: delivering exciting, innovative products to all its customers.

That focus is demonstrated in the most recent product offerings, including the WARN® Air-Power line of 12V air compressors; the WARN Works® PullzAll™ electric pulling and lifting tool; and the WARN PowerPlant™ Dual Force vehicle-mounted multi tool.

These award-winning products showcase the outstanding design, engineering, and innovation that WARN has had since 1948.

Warn Industries’ CEO, John McCalla, says, “We are extremely proud of WARN’s outstanding achievements throughout the last 60 years. Warn Industries’ employees remain dedicated to delivering outstanding, innovative products to our customers around the world.”

Join us in celebrating 60 years of off-road accessories, product innovation, and going prepared!

For a full product lineup, history, and much more, visit Warn.com.

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