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One area of the ATV universe we tend to overlook is the aftermarket parts and supply business. The fact is, there are so many old and well used ATVs on the trails, they far outnumber the brand new ones we most often feature within these pages.

We’ve estimated the aging ATV fleet in North America to be somewhere between five and seven million units. That’s a lot of ATVs. Chances are, the ATV sitting in your garage as you read this is several years old and it’s likely the faithful old steed probably needs some freshening up.

A question we often hear is: Where’s a reliable place to get parts for my long-in-the-tooth 4-wheeler without having to put another mortgage on the barn?” The perfect answer is Dennis Kirk has been supplying mail order parts to the motorsports public for decades.

A business can only sustain itself this long if it is looking after customers and delivering on promises and this famous mail order house has a stellar reputation for getting your stuff to your door safely and at the price you agreed on.

Shop securely online and see Dennis Kirk’s catalog at

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