EPI clutching is the Best Answer!

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Lets face it. Almost every ATV on the market has electronic fuel injection and your options for gaining performance are pretty limited by complicated electronics.

Sure, you can mess with exhaust systems and intakes and even reprogram your EFI map, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you can end up with a real mess.

Here’s where the real performance gains are coming from these days. Clutch mods. Yup, you can improve the amount of power you’re getting to the ground in a pretty significant way by installing a clutch kit from a reputable tuner like EPI and instantly get results that are quantifiable.

That means you’ll be able to tell the difference right away! No hocus-pokus, either. A new primary clutch spring and some specially profiled ramps installed on an ATV can turn a turtle into a rocket – all without touching the stock engine.

The best part is, EPI does all the R & D work for you. They’ve already trouble-shot the clutch kit designed specifically for your wheeler and know precisely what the end result will be.

All you need to do is bolt them on and you’ll reap the rewards of faster shift up, better backshifting and increased mid-range performance.

EPI does more than clutching, too. You can order ball joint kits, brake pads, CV joint kits, wheel bearings, shafts, tie rod ends and even lift kits for most popular makes.

You need to make a trip to erlandsonperformance.com and check out the full array of goodies EPI offers for your 4-wheeler or UTV right now!

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