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Hercules Tires has taken its first step into the offroad market expanding its tire offerings from just for truck, SUV and car tires.

The Hercules TIS UT1 offroad tire is designed in collaboration with TIS OFFROAD to meet the performance and demands of ATVs and UTVs in a variety of terrains such as hard pack dirt, slick rock and desert sand.

These 8-ply rated tires feature an aggressive tread block layout specifically for the offroad market. Sidewalls features a dual-buttress design with bolstered shoulder lugs that aid in traction gripping the earth firmly no matter the situation they’re put in.


  • TIS OFFROAD is one of the most recognized wheel brands in off-road combined with Hercules Tires 70 years of tire expertise.
  • Balanced void ratio and innovative biting edges on the tread blocks enable confident navigation and agility to drive off-road in a variety of terrains, such as sand, silt, loose rocks, gravel, dirt, and soil.
  • Center and intermediate tread blocks are designed to provide a stable foundation and superior grip on rocks and slick surfaces while enveloping objects to confidently ride on rugged trails.
  • Sophisticated scalloped shoulder lug design incorporates elongated stone ejectors to help release mud for continuous traction while effectively reducing stone retention and drilling from rocks and loose soil.
  • Inclined deep and wide grooves allow the tire to enhance traction from any angle while maximizing debris-cleaning capability

This expansion into the offroad market puts Hercules in a unique position in the tire market being one of the only tire manufacturers to offer tires for on-road use and now also for UTVs and ATVs as well.

For more details visit HERCULESTIRE.COM

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