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ITP’s newest tire, the MT911, is a purpose-built tire with just one thing on its mind, Mud.

What makes the MT911 unique is that it’s the company’s first 8-ply rated mud tire, which means its carcass is much stiffer than other mud tires in ITP’s lineup.

Its 8-ply design is tough and will resist punctures and pinch flats better than a lower rated tire. Since the overall carcass of the tire is so stiff, the lugs themselves will be less likely to flex in heavy mud and will maintain more consistent traction no matter the conditions.

The lugs on the MT911 are 1.5 inches tall and made from an ultra tough rubber compound that resists cutting or chipping and features a center flex zone to help prevent mud buildup.

The tread pattern is laid out in a multi-angle design to provide more biting surface. Aggressive shoulder lugs help grab the sides of deep ruts and propel you forward when the center lugs can’t find a grip.

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