MBRP Power Tech 4 ATV Replacement Exhaust

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MBRP has long been known for making power and last year we showcased the development of a RZR 900 Exhaust that netted an extra 5 ponies. While there’s no doubt the side-x-side market is on the rise, ATVs still dominate the landscape on the trails.

As much as some riders don’t like to admit it, exhaust systems are wearable items. Carbon build up, worn out packing and excessive ingestion of mud choke off the exhaust flow and rob the power from your ATV.

MBRP makes a full line of OEM replacement exhaust for chambered mufflers and offer Glasspacked versions as a performance upgrade.

All mufflers are designed to OEM specs for fitment but come with the added benefits of heat-resistant black coating, reduced weight of up to 50% along with increased exhaust flow up to 70% for better throttle response and improved low end torque.

As with all MBRP products, exhausts are tuned to deliver the sweetest sound without being offensively loud.

For more information on MBRP’s line of Power Tech 4 exhaust visit: www.mbrp.com

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