SCOTT Hustle MX Goggles

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When you’re blasting through tree-lined portions of trail with the throttle taped to the bars, your eyes are taking in and processing a ridiculous amount of information and you want to make sure you see everything.

All it would take is one low hanging branch or even a mosquito in the eye and you could lose control and have a wreck causing serious injury. That’s why eye protection while riding can’t be optional, it has to be mandatory.

SCOTT Hustle MX Goggles are a great option for your eyes. Featuring SCOTT’s Fit System Technology system, these goggles adjust lower face flange in 4 directions so you can create the perfect fit to your face.

Plus, Hustle MX Goggles also feature SCOTT’s new 3-layer face foam that incorporates two layers of foam and one layer of fleece so the goggles rest comfortably against your skin and create the perfect seal to keep dust and bugs out providing further safety for your eyes.

This goggle system looks fantastic and is available in a wide variety of styles and lenses so you can match your gear and riding conditions.

The next time you ride, make sure you wear a helmet and then be sure to put on your goggles too. If you’re looking to upgrade or to get into your first goggles, grab a pair of SCOTT Hustle MX Goggles and feel confident knowing you’re peepers are protected.

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