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Love t get dirty on your ATV or SxS? Ya, join the club!! The worst part of subjecting your ride to the chocolate is how crusted and dry the mud becomes on your ride back to camp.

A thorough blast with the pressure washer can sometimes get rid of a lot of that, but you could be standing out in the baking sun for up to an hour getting your ride clean again.

Slick Super Concentrate is a phosphate-free, biodegradable compound that when applied to your dirty ride, is specifically designed to breakdown dirt and mud by working its way to the core and breaking down the adhesion for easier removal.

Simply dilute the concentrated solution with water (1 packet makes a whole gallon) and apply with a super-easy-to-use Slick Applicator, wait a bit (while possibly enjoying a beverage), then give your ride a blast with the pressure washer. You’ll be amazed at how easily dried on, caked on mud comes off.

Plus, Slick is gentle on your paint, plastic, metals and bearings so your ride will come up shiny and ready for the next round of abuse.


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