Slime Power Sport Smart SpAIR

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The wind blowing gently through the trees, crickets chirping, these are peaceful and welcome sounds you can enjoy out in the woods. These sounds are much less enjoyable when you finally shut the ignition off and realize you’re 20 miles from camp with a flat and you forgot to pack your repair kit.

Something you should never head out on the trails without is a Slime Power Sport Smart SpAIR kit. This kit could save your legs the unwanted hike back out of the woods and can get you back on the trails and safely to camp before dinner.

The Slime Power Sport Smart SpAIR kit comes complete with an 8oz bottle of Slime tire sealant, a High-Powered 12-volt 300-PSI air compressor and all the necessary fittings. Best of all the compressor weighs less than 3 pounds and is just about the size of a Blackberry phone so it can tuck easily into your pack without being a burden.

Truthfully, you may run your entire season without experiencing a flat tire, but the one time you get one you’ll be happy you brought your Slime.

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