SuperATV Side-X-Side Harness/Seat Belt Latch Style

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It’s the little things that sometimes count the most, such as the driver restraint system in today’s pure sport side-x-sides.

How many times do you find them getting bound up, not retracting fully when it’s wet, locking when you don’t want it to and being too loose when you want to be held in place?

One of the best and most literal ways to harness the power of your pure sport side-x-side is with the installation of a 5-point harness and SuperATV makes one of the best and most affordable harness systems we’ve ever used.

The 3-inch premium belt is fully adjustable and is complete with latch style releases. The belts also incorporate shoulder pads to increased impact absorption and shoulder pockets for storing items you may need access to during your ride. In less than an hour you can have the driver and passenger harnesses installed.

Beyond all the product features, the biggest benefit of a 5-point harness is it keeps you safely and firmly in place giving you better driver control over the vehicle, which will inspire confidence and allow you to remain more focused on the trail.

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