TireJect Tire Repair and Flat Prevention

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When you ride offroad, tire punctures and flats are inevitable. Being well equipped with a tire repair kit is always a good idea, but at Dirt Trax we go one step further and install tire sealant as a first response preventive measure.

After testing many leading tire sealants on the market we’ve come to the conclusion TireJect is the most effective tire repair and flat prevention product on the market.

Unlike Gel-based tire sealants that tend to clump up and cause tire balance issues, TireJect uses a particle-based formula consisting of liquid rubber, High strength Aramid fibers and rubber particles.

TireJect’s milk-like consistency effortlessly flows everywhere inside the tire, coating the sidewalls, rim bead and tread areas and requires a fraction of sealant volume while maintaining the upper hand in protection.

What’s also amazing is Tireject can seal punctures up to 3/8-inch, making tire plugs almost non-essential.

Should the puncture be really severe requiring tire plugs TireJect is compatible with the adhesive used in tire plugs and will help seal the puncture even better around the plugs.

With TireJect, there’s no messy cleanup. You can re-install it every year and if you’re upgrading your rims, the tires wont be full of goo when they’re removed because there’s way less sealant present and the coating is thinner and more even. Simply follow the instructions and re-install like you did the first time.

We use our stuff a lot and we’ve found a liquid based sealant like TireJect is the only thing that actually works reliably in all our vehicles tires including lawn mowers, trailers and automobiles.

Yes, there are other sealants on the market, but TireJect is the best one we’ve tested.

CLICK HERE to see how TireJect stacks up to two of the most popular Gel-based tire sealants on the market.

For more information visit tireject.com

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