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Klim’s newly designed Dakar pant simply rocks. Worn over your boot, Velcro adjustments around the ankle allow you to tighten or loosen the cuff to your comfort.

For all day riding, you can keep warm as the morning chill is in the air and as the day warms up, a 20 inch zipper opens at the side of each leg to reveal meshed ventilation to keep you cool as the air passes over your legs.

The shell is made of Cordura, so you know you’ll be protected from mud, roost, scratches, etc, but there are some other sweet features that take this garment to another level.

The inner legs have thick and heavy-duty leather to protect your legs from engine heat and cargo pockets on each leg are deep and expandable and close tightly with about a six inch Velcro strip to keep your wallet, cell phone, license or cash clean safe. The pockets aren’t water tight, so always pack your stuff in a plastic zip lock bag to keep it dry.

There are also flexible patches at the groin and around the knee area to allow for more natural movement in the saddle. Plus the elastic back waistband features 2 adjustable straps to tighten or loosen depending on the size of your lunch.

From a safety standpoint we’re impressed by this design. Alongside the leather inner leg and durable fabric shell, there are a ton of light weight breathable foam pads around the hip and butt that are easily removable to customize depending on your needs, plus the same padding is in the perfect location to cushion your knees from bumps against the fenders or tank that can result from maneuvering around in corners and on tight trails.

Klim’s Dakar pants are available in a number of colors. We chose black to match just about every Klim jersey and glove combination we own. Visit to find your perfect fit.

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