How Can I Gain An Advantage With My Renny?

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Dear Motorhead,

I currently ride a 2008 Renegade 800X and I’m looking to get a little edge over friends riding the same ATV. Should I upgrade the filters or are there any little tricks or accessories that would help out?

I put on a set of ITP TerraCross tires other than that its stock.

Thanks as always,

Kevin Johnston


Hey Kevin – good to hear from you!

First thing I would do to your Renny is contact Dalton Pro ( and inquire about one of their clutch kits.

These kits are exceptionally effective, require a minimum amount of work to install and will definitely give you and edge over a stock comparable Renny 800.

There’s a lot of power being waisted in most stock ATV CVT’s. The cool thing about the clutch kit route is it usually improves mileage and there’s no increase in noise.

Which leads to my second suggestion. Try an aftermarket (I think BRP actually offers a silencer for your Renny) slip on silencer. They decrease back-pressure and almost always improve performance – marginally.

There may be an ECU re-boot from some pipe makers which will adjust the mixture to take advantage of the increased flow.

Keep in mind with an EFI mill it’s pretty hard to seize it by adding a low restriction exhaust – as it is when you have a carb.

Obviously if you flow more air you need to provide more fuel but an EFI mill will live off its knock sensor and should not hurt itself.

As well, the 80 degree Rotax 800 mill sounds sweet with a louder pipe. Oops, I’m not supposed to say that.

Let me know what works best.



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