Mud Race Redemption Teaser

Relive the Mud Build and get ready for the epic conclusion to our most popular series in Dirt Trax history Sunday October 28, 2018 at 4PM EST on our YouTube channel.

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What’s to come in the Mud Build finale:
A year following our bitter defeat at Smoke ’N’ Spurs 2017, AJ and Graham take our custom mud racing 2008 Outlander to Turner’s Performance in Redbridge, Ontario to work out some final kinks. Then, the pair return to the mud pit at Smoke ’N’ Spurs 2018 to battle 70 other mud racers for one final chance at a podium in this exciting closing chapter to the Can-Am Mud Build series.

Relive the Can-Am Mud Build series dating back to the start of Dirt Trax Television 2017:

Part 1: The Build Begins –

Part 2: MrRPM –

Part 3: Dyno Testing –

Part 4: Rear Diff & Axles –

Part 5: Tires & Rims –

Part 6: Snorkel & Rad Relocate –

Part 7: Finishing Touches –

Part 8: Mud Race:

Part 9: What Went Wrong –

Part 10: Budget Breakdown –

Part 11: Mud Race Part 2 –

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