More Outrage at Proposed New Brunswick ATV Ban

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Thanks for your support! At Christmas of 2006 I gave my Son Cole a 50CC ATV. Luckily that day we did not have any snow on the ground and he was able to ride it.

Before we went outside I told him what he could and could not do on his new bike and showed him how his helmet works and talked about how the bike works. We bundled up and went outside to ride.

Once outside I showed him what I was talking about inside. I had already set up a remote so I could shut the bike off from afar if he was to get into trouble. I also set the speed back to 5km/hr by limiting the amount of throttle he could push.

We started the bike and got him on his way. This was not that new of an experience for him as he had already been driving a 12V John Deere Gator (Ride on from) since he was 2yrs old.

Cole made 2 trips around the house and reached down and shut of his bike with the key then got off and came over to me. He gave me a big Hug and said “I LOVE YOU DADDY!”. He continued to do this for over an hour, stopping every other trip around the house to give me a hug and to tell me he loves me.

Now this is nothing new for him as he always tells me that he loves me but the issue here is that it tells me just how much he loves to ride his ATV and John Foran the Dictator of Safety wants me to tell Cole that he will not be able to ride his ATV for another 8 years!

I’ve been to the rally yesterday at the legislature and John Foran completely refuses to listen to us. All we are asking for is a Age appropriate law with mandatory safety training.

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