2-Up ATV Legislation

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Dear Motorhead,

Last weekend I was into the local Polaris Dealer here in Sudbury and was looking at the new 2-XL that Polaris has and at that time I asked about the MTO or Transport Canada legislation that effectively and currently states “one ATV one rider”.

I was quickly told that this legislation has not changed as yet and riders are still getting fined for riding on a machine that was specifically designed for two people.

To compound this I contacted someone from Yamaha and was told that until this legislation changes it is most likely that Yamaha, as well as Suzuki, and Kawasaki will not enter that market, something to do with liability.

I would like to purchase a new 2-up ATV, but not if I am still going to be fined for riding 2-up.

Since you are at the forefront of all this ATV business I thought that you would have some answers that would put my mind at ease.

What can you tell me that will help me feel a bit better about the 2-up riding, hopefully the Federal and Provincial governments will have decided to amend the legislation very soon to include the 2-up version of the ATV.

Please advise,



As you can see, I’m passionate about this and I’ll be happy to go on record with this statement – any law enforcement official in any jurisdiction who would enforce (with all other factors being equal) a law requiring only one rider on an ATV when a safe, secure and responsible two-up ATV is carrying two people is not thinking clearly.

It is a known FACT over 30% of one up ATV’s are being ridden with two on them. This is insanity. Law enforcement should – in the absence of a revision here in Ontario – be encouraging two-up ATV use – not PENALIZING IT!

Wouldn’t common sense dictate this kind of action until we get the Off Road Act ammended? Lives are at stake here – and unfortunately it’s often children who are injured or killed in King Queen seat flip-overs!

So will the government here in Ontario get in front of this? Hopefully soon. Keep in mind there are many jurisdictions which already have accommodated two-up ATV’s legally.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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