2-Up Seats on ATVs

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Dear Motorhead,

I recently got back into riding and just picked up a new ATV. I was told that its illegal to ride 2up on an ATV that is not factory equipped with 2-up seating. Is there any truth to this?

I know they still sell the rear seat/storage boxes that can be mounted to the rear rack. Seating may be a bit cramped and the ATV slightly unstable due to having the rear passenger’s weight behind the rear axel, but is it actually illegal to use these now?

Also near where I live its legal to ride on the streets. I seem to recal that the speed limit for atvs is 30 km/h less that the posted limit. Just needed clarification on this.

Thanks for the help, and great job on the show.



Thanks for your email!

First – the use of a “King/Queen” style two up seat on an ATV built for one is the number reason for ATV flipovers and resultant injuries.

These things are incredibly dangerous and we have spoken against them often on Dirt Trax and in All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine. We would strongly encourage you not to put anyone you care about on one of these things.

You need to check your municipality to see if they have enacted their right under the Off Road Vehicle act to open up streets in the areas you wish to ride. This is a local issue you should research.

Unfortunately, actual built-for-two-up ATVs right now are not legal for two up riding in Ontario while there is no legislation in Ontario banning King/Queen seats.

We expect the Off Road Vehicle act to be amended in the next year to address this contradictory (and patently dumb) error. Enforcement of the law is another issue.

Any sensible Law Enforcement Officer knows that two-up ATV’s are the best and safest way to transport two while King/Queen seats are decidedly not. However, you need to know what the stance is in your area.

Good luck,

Motorhead Mark

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