450 Shoot Out

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Out of the LTR 450, YFZ 450 and the TRX 450, who would win in a drag race?




Good question. In our drag-racing-only comparison tests of these three we found it went like this. The holeshot king is the Yamaha – for the first 150 feet it rocks.

Once the Suzuki gets traction with its smaller rear tires it pulls harder down the stretch. If the soil is loamy and traction is ideal, it’s a draw.

If the surface is hard and the start straight is long, the Suzuki will get to the first turn sooner (the rider definitely makes a difference here and otherwise, it’s so close you can’t tell).

In these situations, the Honda was a close third but, keep in mind, track riding is about short bursts of power and short straightaways.

The Honda is a great handler and can hold its own in motocross style situations but the top-end brawn is carried by the Yam and Suzuki.

Kent Lester

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