Are ATVs Built By ATVers?

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Dear Motorhead,

Now that Dirt Trax has tested the KYMCO 500 ATV and found that it is good (and I must say a well priced machine) I am looking forward to you testing their side by side.

Also when you do any report I am interested in how good the compression braking is. Plus, a few years back Polaris put the rad in the skid plate loation and had no compression braking. What were they thinking?

Plus if you can see the winch spool on factory installed winches, but you can’t on an Outlander. How are you going to respool the winch properly? Was it designed by a ATVer or not?



Thanks for your comments. Its always nice to hear what our viewers are looking for from our segments. I will take your suggestions into consideration next time im doing a test ride.

I agree with yoru point as well. Many ATVs seem like they weren’t designed by people who actually ride. Though sometimes its simply a case of the people who design them don’t necessarily ride the same way we do.

None are perfect but we’ll keep pointing out what needs to change and hopefully one day we’ll get there.

Thanks again,

Luke Lester
Dirt Trax Television

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