Camoplast 4S Track Kit

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Dear Motorhead,

I just watched the Dirt Trax episode about Camoplast tracks on the 850 XP. My dealer has sets in stock that I’m going to purchase and I would like to know how do I know if I got the lastest edition tracks from my dealer and not carry overs from last year.

Can you give me the model number set you used on your recent broadcast? Or any other info.



P.S. I just wrote the Outdoor Channel and told them how informative your show is.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for your question and for the kind words to Outdoor about our show. You have no idea how far that goes in helping us build even stronger relationships with our networks. Its greatly appreciated.

I have tried to find the actual part number for the track kit we installed on the show but cant find it anywhere. I can tell you that on e of the biggest and most noticeable differences between the 2008 and 2009 versions of the Tatou 4S kit is the wheels.

Take a look at what the wheels look like at and make sure the wheels in the track system you’re buying are the same style. The previous year’s kit uses more of a snowmobile-style idler wheel instead of a dedicated track kit wheel.

Its a pretty noticeable difference as the new wheels have a shock absorbing rubber surround with holes drilled through the side (you can see them in the pic on the Tatou 4S page of the website) If you look at the installation video titled “quick installation” on the multimedia page youll see that kit does NOT have the holed drilled in the wheels. That is an older kit.

I know this isn’t really a scientific way to tell the difference but the rest of the changes arent as obvious as this one difference is.

Of course, the best way to make sure you getting the newest kit is to call Camoplast and ask about the part numbers your looking for. They may also be able to give you information on any updates that may hve made to the kit this season, that may not be included on the kits your dealer has in stock.

I hope this helps a bit and thanks for watching!

Luke Lester
Dirt Trax Television

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