Can’t Find Any Info On Off-Shore Company

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What can you tell me about Daymak and the ATVs they import?

I was looking at a Sasquatch 260 but cannot find ANY information about it or the company in Toronto.

Thanks for the help.

Steve Redgwell


Thanks for your email!

There are a number of off-shore imported ATV OEM’s who market their vehicles under a variety of names. I suspect in the case of this brand you are in the middle of this issue.

Here’s my advice – and it’s rooted in common sense – if you can’t find any info and we haven’t heard of this particular trade name or brand, maybe you better be real careful. We are receiving more and more emails from readers who have purchased off-shore ATV’s and now need parts. Guess what? They can’t get anything.

This is not a slam against off-shore brands. There are a number of them which have been methodically and carefully establishing distribution networks and dealers across the country.

Many of these brands are becoming readily recognizable. Stick to those names (like the ones advertised in All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine) and you’ll be protected much better against parts, service and warranty issues.

Good luck!

Motorhead Mark

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