Suzuki LT-R450: Overhauled for ’08

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The re-designed-for-2008 Suzuki LT-R450 features a multitude of changes to refine its high output mill.

The biggest is a new ECU engine controller re-engineered to produce what could be compared to automotive-style traction control.

The ECU determines optimum fuel injection spray timing and volume while also incorporating the optimum ignition timing to increase acceleration while reducing wheel spin. In plain terms, it knows when the rear meats are losing traction and compensates for it.

While riding, you can feel the motor making changes when traction becomes minimal and the rear wheels break loose.

Other engine changes include totally reshaped cam profiles for increased low-to-mid RPM output along with a new countershaft for improved shifting feel.

Installing a Yoshimura ‘Cherry Bomb’ and removing the rear exhaust spark arrester and the air box cover will net the cheapest eight horsepower gain while taking the 450 from a great contender to a champion.

Simply put, the out-of-the-box ‘08 QuadRacer is a corked up monster that desperately wants to be unleashed.

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