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Dear Motorhead:

This is a response to your commentary on off shore ATV’s being banned in the US.

I just wanted to comment that the youth market in general is a FARCE. I started with the Chinese ATVs for my 6 an 8 year old and believe it or not I’d go back to the Chinese model before I would go back to Polaris or Yamaha or just about any of the big guys.

Why you may ask? BRAKES! at least the Chinese use disk brakes. I purchased (at a premium) two Polaris Outlaw 90s for my kids in 2007 (we’ve moved to small adult machines now). THEY are junk, just as bad with suspension as Chinese (junk) but with DRUM brakes!

If the big guys really cared about the kids they would be using DISK brakes front and back. The 2012 Outlaw STILL uses DRUM brakes.

So get off your high horse with the training dribble. That’s MY JOB! GET them (the OEMs) to provide a stable machine capable of handling the trails.

They are all junk, but at least the Chinese ATVs are affordable.

Give me a break with the “THEY CARE” dribble.

Hugs and Kisses,

Randy W
Milford OH


Thanks for your email!

Hope you feel better after venting on me!

Here’s the facts – with the exception of Kymco there are no off-shore-Pacific Rim ATV builders who have a credible dealer net work that could supply a spark plug as a replacement part let alone a set of brake pads! The chinese ATV biz is in ruins.

I won’t argue with you over issues with your brand name kids ATV’s reliability or performance however – the big seven OEM’s who did or currently build youth’s ATV’s all still supply replacement parts and service – and that my friend makes all the difference.

We have readers and viewers who own off-shore ATV’ s who cannot get so much as a wingnut because there’s no dealers and no distributors left on these shores.

Thanks for your vigorous opinion – I appreciate your frustration.

Motorhead Mark

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