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We’ve talked about how easy it is for an ATV or side-x-side to be stolen if the proper precautions are not taken, which makes it easy to see how important insurance could be.

Yes, its a wise decision to insure your ride against theft, but its equally important to have some personal assurance for incidences on the trail.

After extensive research on SPOT, I finally invested in one of these personal protection device and its wide variety of emergency options.

I felt like the price of the initial product was fair and then began to worry about the extra money it cost to actually have the device operable.

It wasn’t until I went to a foreign country to cover a race that I really thought about just how much protection this little gem offered.

If I were to get injured and there was no one to help, I could press a small button and in a matter of time there would be local officials on site to help me.

The fact that my total initial investment was less than $250 is a small price to pay for security during a life or death situation.

In addition to that I would be flown out of a foreign country and transported to my home state hospital for an additional $12 per year.

These costs are legitimate concerns that many think are too expensive to invest in until they’re are in a position where they may need this type of assurance.

Sometimes a small ding to your finances is worth it if it keeps you and your family close to help the event of an emergency.

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