Cold Weather Starting Issues

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Dear Motorhead,

I bought a used 2001 Yamaha Breeze for my kids last year. Overall, this quad is great in every respect except one: cold starting. It is incredibly difficult to start in winter.

I’ve already gone through one battery and I just ordered a starter motor for it because I cooked the first one trying to start it.

As I surf the net trying to find answers, I’m seeing that this is very common with the model.

The dealers don’t really have any advice and Yamaha does not make a cold-weather kit for it.

The Breeze doesn’t have a back-up pull or kick start so this makes the situation even worse.

I ususally have to bring it into a heated garage to get it started. Once started, the machine runs fine. I use premium fuel and synthetic oil. Spark plug is brand new and carb is clean.

What can I do?? Thanks in advance.



Thanks for your email!

Your problem is common with many models from most makers.

Here’s the issue – most of these vehicles are not sold to cold weather climes. They are calibrated and jetted for an average use profile and thus they tend to have too lean jetting and to lean choke circuits for our very cold temps.

I would suggest you richen up the main jet, buy a battery blanket and figure out how to wrap it around the battery.

Also, get a magnetic block heater and strap it around the engine cases. These things will all help but you still may have issues when the mercury is very low.

One more thing – make sure your choke/enrichener mechanism is opening completely when activated.

Motorhead Mark

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