Sidewinder Titanium II ATV Sprockets

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Press Release –

The sprocket you have been waiting for is finally available. For 2008, Sidewinder Sprockets and Chains (A Division of Krause Racing Corp.) releases the world’s first “100% Guaranteed-For-Life” ATV Sprocket….Titanium II.

If you want to buy only one sprocket, set it and forget it….Ti-II is for you. We don’t care how big your motor is or how often you ride…wear it out and we give you a new one…FREE!!

No catch, no tricks, no spin, no hype…Just simply Guaranteed-For-Life not to wear out. The new Titanium II Sprocket is constructed using Sidewinders Lightweight Ti-Moly material enhanced with the super-hard miracle element …Molecular Boron.

The result is the world’s only sprocket that comes with a lifetime Guarantee against wearing out. The construction is a lightweight, integral, one-piece design with no goofy rivets or set-screws to come loose. You won’t get that with any aluminum or multi-piece aluminum/steel sprocket from any other manufacturer, period.

Sidewinder is first again with a product no one else can match. Also, if you are an American – check this out….Sidewinders are NOT made in England, Czechoslovakia, Lower Slobovia, Taiwan, China or anywhere else – Sidewinders are made in the USA.

Call today for “Ti-II” availability and price for your make and model quad. 630-513-1000 (24/7) and visit

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