Honda Rancher Electric Shifter Issues

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My 2002 Rancher with electric shift has stopped shifting! I can start it up (cold) and it will shift for maybe 5 minutes and then refuses to shift again until it gets stone cold again.

Tell me how to trace the problem and likely fix.




Thanks for your email!

There could be a number of reasons for the problem you’re experiencing but I think I’ll zone in on one.

I would immediately check the oil (level and condition) in the crankcase of your Honda. If heat is the only variable in the operation of the shifter I think the problem is likely in the mechanical part of the tranny – not the electric servo which actuates the shift drum in the tranny.

This being said, you haven’t given us much info. Can you imagine writing your Doctor and telling him you’ve got a headache and need an accurate diagnosis and the remedy? Ain’t gonna happen!

However, I think you should perform an oil change and verify the oil quality and level right away. You may be simply overheating the mill and the tranny is sticking. Your Honda relies on its oil supply for both cooling and lubrication.

Good luck!

Motorhead Mark

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