How Is The Polaris Limited Edition 500 Stealth?

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I’m looking for my first ATV. My main goal is an ATV for hunting & 2nd for trail riding.

I’ve looked at different brands, I’m leaning toward the 2007 Polaris Limited Edition Stealth 500. What is your opinion?


Todd Thomas


Great choice, Todd. You can’t go wrong with the Sportsman 500. It’s a great riding, strong performing 4-wheeler with plenty of good 4WD features.

If you’re heading deep into the woods to hunt & fish, the 500’s IRS ground clearance and diff lock traction will work for you on the greasiest terrain.

The racks are first class with onboard storage and you can buy Polaris Lock & Load accessories for custom tailoring for whatever use you choose.

One of our all-time faves.

Kent Lester

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