How Was The 1998 454 Arctic Cat?

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First of all I have to say I love this magazine and its sister mag Supertrax. Best of the best on the market keep up the good work.

Anyway, I have a friend who is planning on buying a 1998 Arctic 454 quad and I was looking for a review on the net for it but couldn’t find much about it.

Just wondering if you have any experience with it and what it is like overall?



Thanks for your email!

We did test the original 454’s some time ago and found them to be durable and functional but not particularly plush riding.

There were some welding issues with the original rear swingarm and shaft drive system. If it hasn’t broken by now – it likely won’t!

I believe this ATV used a “semi” independent rear suspension which “flexed” over bumps. It was a unique system at that time.

As far technology was concerned in 1998, the 454 AC had most of the stuff buyers wanted. Look for low miles and good general over-all condition before buying any used ATV.

Good luck and thanks for the kind words too, they are appreciated.

Motorhead Mark

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