How’s Fuel Economy On The Sportsman 500 HO?

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Dear Motorhead,

How is the 500 HO Sportsman carb on fuel? Are they prone to run rich if so can you replace main jets?



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Fuel economy on ATV’s is totally dependent on riding conditions and your predisposition to hold it wide open.

Ridden sensibly a 500 HO Polaris will go 75-100 miles on a tank – however, this may not be achievable with your style and conditions.

Certainly there is room to lean-out most carbed ATV mills.  They are jetted to run and not seize at 30 below and 90 above – right?

If you downjet in the summer you will experience much better throttle response and economy – one caveat – go very easy with how far you downjet and remember when you downjet in hot weather you will need to go back up in cold weather.

You can’t have it both ways if you decide to jet for the weather.

Motorhead Mark

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