Is The 2013 Wildcat That Much Better?

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Dear Motorhead:

Love the Dirt Trax YouTube channel and I love the reviews. I bought a 2012 carryover Wildcat 1000 not realizing the 2013 was going to be so much better.

Do you guys know specifically how Arctic Cat pulled off 90 HP in 2013 versus 77 in 2012? Are these changes I can make to the 12 to get there in HP?

I see that the 2013 went to the Fox shox from the Walker Evans – would you recommend that upgrade or for the average rider will it not be noticeable?

I hope you don’t mind the questions and thank you for all the information you provide. I bought the Wildcat really based on your review of it.


Dear Nick:

Thanks for your email and we appreciate your kind words!

Here’s what we know – the new MY 13 WC is faster than the original. Is it so much faster you’ll be disappointed in yours? Nope – you’ve got a very good SXS and probably made a good deal on it as well.

The shock change according to our guys (who have only ridden the 13 in the dessert – AC has not shipped our PR unit for full evaluation yet) and the difference was marginal – the Walkers are really good shocks on the WC and from our in-depth testing last season the WC was incredible in bumps, in the air and on landings.

We’ll have a full update on how AC tweaked the 1000 to get the extra ponies – I don’t think it was too hard.

Keep in mind, Polaris just released a kit to take their RZR 900 mill up to Jagged X spec HP – I suspect AC won’t be far behind providing an updated engine kit.


Motorhead Mark

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