Is The 700 MudPro Worth The Investment?

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Dear Motorhead:

I really enjoy watching your show and reading your magazine. I heard about your website from a friend and enjoyed the information given on the MudPro.

I am looking into buying a 2012 MudPro 700 and haven’t seen many test rides as everyone always does the test on the 1000.

I have not heard good things about the reliability of Arctic cat ATVs. Hoping you could help me out seeing that you have a lot more experience with ATVs than I do.

Thank you for your time and hope you can help.



Thanks for your email!

I would not hesitate to buy an Arctic Cat ATV. Across the model line Cat produces good quality, highly functional and in some cases, class leading models.

Make sure you have a dealer you can work with, trust and is known for good service. The difference between a Mud Pro 1000 and a 700 is substantial. The 1000 mill is an enormously powerful engine and will not disappoint you. However, the 700 is a good performing and very torquey single cylinder engine that will carry the Mud Pro through just about anything you will encounter.

The difference is this – pay more, get more. Can you live with the 700? Sure, for all but 10 percent of the chocolate you’ll encounter. Will you have more fun on the 1000? Yes.

Here’s the most important Q – do you really want a dedicated mud-specific ride? Make sure this kind of ATV fits your riding profile most of the time. These vehicles are not nearly as nice on trails as regular bodied comparable 4X4 models.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

Thanks for the response.

This information that you gave me is very. I would say that mud in probably about 50% of what I’ll see depending on the buddies that I go with.

Do you have any other suggestion of quads that you would recommend for durability and function but still have great power and maybe more usability.

I really like the Mud Pro’s look, but also really like the Can-Am Outlander 800R.

Looking for more ideas maybe I’m not understanding my options.

Thanks again this information was very helpful.


Here’s the deal – if you’re riding only 50% of the time in mud then you would be well advised to consider a regular 4X4 sport ute and buy a set of big tires for occasional mud running.

Arctic Cat makes a number of really good, high ground clearance 4×4’s in 700 and 1000cc variants which would fit the bill.

I am pretty confident for the 50% of the time you would not use a Mud Pro for mud you would be less than content with the ride and handling.

These are very serious, purpose-built mud machines and simply liking the way they look – in my opinion, does not justify owning one unless you’re going to use it for mud – virtually all the time.

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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