Outlander Oil Light Won’t Shut Off

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Dear Motorhead:

I have a 650 Can-Am and when I change the oil the “Change Oil” light keeps coming on.

I have called the dealer where I bought it and they want me to bring my machine in and they will reset the light for $40 so every time I change the oil I have to go see them, which I believe is just a money grab.

Can I reset this light myself as they will not tell me how to reset it? I may have to resort to covering the light with tape. 

Any info pertaining to this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance for your time. 

John MacIsaac


Thanks for your email!

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, however I needed to contact my sources at Can-Am to get the correct answer for you.

Yes, there are certain models and years of Outlanders that have a service light that illuminates when service is required.

This light does require you to return the vehicle to an authorized Can-Am dealer with the proper diagnostic link to reset the light, which could preclude any savings from DIY oil changes – unless your dealer is accommodating.

You might find your dealer willing to reset the light if you at least purchase your oil and filter from them. That would be my suggestion.

Good luck!

Motorhead Mark

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