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I took the back baffle out of my new outlaw pipe and was wondering if it is hard on it running it that way? Its a lot louder. I got my pipe from AAEN Performance. Will it hurt my Engine to run it this way?

Scott Hauer


Your Q is a little confusing.

You first indicated you have taken the “baffle” out of your Outlaws “pipe”. I assume you mean the silencer – correct?

Your next statement confuses me. You now have an Aaen pipe? So what do you have? A stock pipe with the silencer modified or an Aean pipe and silencer?

Here’s the deal – no matter what. If your Outlaw is way loud now – don’t ride it anywhere but on a closed, sanctioned race track. You’ll hurt the sport and annoy people – ultimately your children will not have any place left to ride – got it?

Second. If you have changed your exhaust in any way – in particular reducing its restriction – which you have done – you MUST re-jet the carb. If you don’t, you run the risk of seizing the engine and doing a lot of expensive damage.

As well, if you change the pipe and silencer and do not open up the intake by drilling the air box or removing some restrictions (like the lid) and understand what the consequences of doing this will be (like not being able to run deep water) you won’t get anything but more noise out of the pipe.

If you have purchased an Aaen pipe and silencer I can’t imagine it didn’t come with jetting instructions.

In any case, I encourage you to re-think the whole concept of a loud pipe. Contrary to popular belief, noise does not equal power and it’s just a bad idea.


Motorhead Mark

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