Should I Buy A 500 Sportsman or 700 Cat?

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I’m in the market for an atv to do some some big game hunting and high country trail riding. My biggest priority is getting a good deal on a bad ass 4wheeler.

I can get a decent deal on an ’07 polaris sportsman 500 base model, at the same time i can get a smokin’ deal on a ’07 Arctic Cat 700.

So my question is, how do the two do out in the field? Is one more durable than the other? I’d appreciate any feedback or advice.

Daniel Mondragon


Thanks for your email!

Either the Sportsman 500 or the 700 AC are great rides. Remember the 700 AC is EFI – is the 500 Sportsman an EFI? There is real value in EFI on a big ATV – especially at altitude or in cold weather.

Also, you are comparing two ATV’s in separate power categories. The AC is more powerful because its 200cc’s bigger.

Ultimately it will come down to the deal but remember to consider the dealer as well – if you want a great purchase experience the dealer is the most important link in the chain.

Good Luck!

Motorhead Mark

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