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I am a tall rider at 6’6 and have purchased our quads based on seat to floor board height. Mine is the BF 750 Kawi and my fiance’s is a 360 4×4 Kawi with amazing comfort for a big guy.

Now we would like to add a SBS to the fun and have notice that the SBS pref the Rhino 660 does not have a lot of legroom or an adjustabe seat.

I just noticed that my whole leg would be working, lifting it up and down to operate the gas and brake and causing more pain and less fun.

My brainstorm is to figure out how to add quad handlebar-like controls to the SBS so that my legs would be planted on the floor board and have better control over the SBS in tight terrian conditions in better comfort for a guy my size.

Whats your take on my problem and idea? I know there has to be lots of big and tall folks and some that may have back or leg problems who this would benefit and get them on the trails and dunes with the rest of us.




Thanks for your email. I know what you’re talking about, although not from personal experience (I’m 5’10”). We get a lot of letters from people who just don’t fit on powersports vehicles and one of our staffers (6″4″) is always complaining the seat is too short or his legs are cramped.

It seems like UTVs are the worst offenders because most don’t allow any or very much adjustment in the seats. At this time I don’t know of any such conversion kit for an off-road vehicle being offered in the aftermarket but I’ll guarantee you those hand control devices you see on handicap vehicles could be made to work on a UTV.

These setups are super high quality and probably cost a lot but are actually quite simple. A side lever (like a steering column shifter) can be rotated and moved to control the gas pedal and the brake.

I think this deal could work well on a UTV because of its CVT transmission.

Good luck but be careful with what you buy – you’re dealing with two pretty important functions: going and stopping.

Kent Lester

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