Arctic Cat 650 V2 Idling Problem

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I have an 2005 Arctic Cat 650 v2 and after it warms up it will not idle without some throttle.

I just recently had the machine serviced at a local Cat dealer in Falmouth Maine who said it would take some time to fix at $65.00 an hour

Can I please get some advice?

Rocco Pesce Sr.



It’s really hard to give much help on this problem because poor idling could be caused by several different problems, some complicated, some simple.

Since your Cat isn’t too old and probably hasn’t suffered much abuse and this Kawasaki V-twin is a good durable mill, my guess is it’s probably a simple problem.

I’d check all the vacuum and vent hoses associated with the carburetor and fuel tank to make sure there isn’t any air leakage, pinching or disconnection.

The air screw on the carb may be out of adjustment and you can check the specs in your manual to adjust this yourself. Another possiblility is a bad fuel filter – may be wise to change it anyway.

Last is bad fuel. Drain the tank down and fill it with some new stuff, not purchased at the place you usually get it.

If it’s a bigger problem it could be a head or base gasket leaking. You can do a visual inspection to see if there’s “weeping” around the top of the crankcases and the head gasket. This could be expensive and should be repaired by a dealer.

Hope this helps.

Kent Lester

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